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Staff introduction
Tazroy2 months ago

Hello everyone! My name is Tazroy but feel free to call me Taz.
I'm the new moderator/builder, so if you have anything you are curious about or any questions, then please just ask, I am happy to help.
A little info about me: I am female and go by she/her, I was born 2. December 2001 and my current favourite game is Dead by daylight.

Best regards Taz

Hi all its Zif here, we welcome the new moderator member Tazroy (Or Taz for short), she'll be helping us with both ingame and other things like events and just to moderate the minecraft server and on discord :) you can always ask her something like questions and other stuff and she'll happily help you in any way she can :)

Regards Zifina and i'll say again congratz with the rank :)

Hi all, we just lost a staff member today, he didnt want to be an admin other then be a co-owner and that is sad news but we'll manage! Will update you further if we need new staff or not :)

Regards Zif

Hi Its Zifina here, stay tuned for events and other stuff quiet soon! I wont spoil anything that we are planning right now but just stay tuned either on here or on discord!

Regards Zifina

Hi ho all, Remember to create a unike account for the page here with your minecraft username so we know who you are when you ask any questions. :D It is at the top of the page where there is a login and register, then click register and register your name with your minecraft name and get a strong password.

Regards Zifina

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